Rain Gardens at PISB

This site consists of two rain gardens (drainage areas = 9850 and 19000 ft2, respectively) with underground rock bed and vegetated soil top. Rainwater collected from the roof of PISB and the nearby permeable paved sidewalk is directed into the garden. The rainwater either evaporates, is used by plants through transpiration, or slowly infiltrates into the soil. In the event of a heavy rainfall, rainwater will go into an overflow which directly leads to the combined sewer system.

Real-time soil moisture monitoring at PISB:

The site’s soil moisture is measured in three locations with two Particle Electron boards connected to Decagon EC-5 and 10-HS sensors. They report the soil moisture every seven minutes and store it in our AWS database as well as on Thingspeak.

Real-time soil moisture data at the PISB rain gardens is shown in the below figures:

Real-time soil moisture data from PISB 1:

Real-time soil moisture data from PISB 2: