Documents and Presentations

Below are links to the deliverables submitted to the Philadelphia Water Department, as well as presentations and posters from various conferences.


Annual Report, 18 – 19

White Paper 1: Monitoring a Rain water Harvesting Cistern (Rec Center)

Whitepaper 2: Engagement Plan

Quarter 3, 18-19 Report

Quarter 2, 18-19 Report

Quarter 1, 18-19 Report

Year 2 Annual Report

Public Engagement App, 17 – 18

Quarter 3, 17-18 Report

Quarter 2, 17-18 Report

Quarter 1, 17-18 Report

New Sites Report 17-18

Team members Matt Fritch and Karly Soldner presenting at Philly IoT Meetup in 2017


EWRI Operations & Maintenance 2019: Soil Moisture Monitoring for Irrigation Efficiency in Rain Gardens

Boys Choir Site Intro Poster

PISB Site Intro Poster

AGU 2018 Poster: Reducing data collection costs for GSI monitoring with IoT technology

AGU 2018 Poster: A new understanding of the relationship between precipitation and temperature via Presure Change Events and its trend in climate change 

STAR 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium: Monitoring Philadelphia’s Rain Gardens to Create Efficient Watering Schedule

LID 2018 Presentation: Reducing costs of monitoring green stormwater infrastructure to inform site maintenance decisions with real-time soil moisture sensors

VUSP 2017 Presentation: Real-time, remote sensing of biophysical and anthropogenic conditions in green infrastructure systems in Philadelphia: an application of the Internet of Things (IoT)